Should PowerPoint Be Banned?

Great article by Katrin Park in The Washington Post yesterday illustrating why PowerPoint should be banned…by using PowerPoint to explain why. My thoughts run along these lines: Ban it internally? Sure. If that’s your ax to grind. Ban it universally? It will never happen. I literally would be incapable of doing external business development without being able to ship a deck off to a client (by way of PDF). Could I use other tools to build a sales presentation? Of course, but none that I have used provide the ease of use and flexibility offered by PowerPoint. Plus, it is often the only accepted format in response to an RFP. Still, the author does expose PowerPoint’s biggest weaknesses not the least of which is the human factor. Even really smart people can make some pretty awful PowerPoint slides. Read the full story for more:

Make these slides the last ones you ever read.

Source: PowerPoint should be banned. This PowerPoint presentation explains why. – The Washington Post

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