Manually Reset WordPress Admin Password

Ever lose or forget your WordPress admin password? Good news, as long as you have access to the database you can reset the password for the admin or any other user easily thanks to the fine folks at Just visit enter a new password then click generate. Copy the result and update the user with the result of your newly hashed password. Login and relax. There are lots of other tutorials about how to reset WordPress passwords using phpMyAdmin after registering a new user but none is simpler than this method.

HOWEVER, I will add that this is an only an effective means of resetting a password. If your WordPress installation has been hacked and your admin (or other) user account has been deleted, you’ll need to recreate the entire user. A good walkthrough is available at wpbeginner. However, you can still use the password generator above to hash a new password for you. This will be especially useful if you are using a client other than phpMyAdmin that doesn’t have a hashing function.

An interesting note is that while WordPress changed its hashing algorithm in version 3, an md5 hashed password still works perfectly fine. The simple reason for this is that WordPress attempts to provide maximum backwards compatibility and eliminating the ability to login with a password that is checked against its md5 hash would have broken backwards compatibility for sites that upgraded from an earlier version. Crazy. If you have a version of WordPress that you’ve upgraded successively since the 1.x days, make sure all of your users have changed their password and ensure they use a good™ password.

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