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I got my first computer in 1995 and by 1996 I was very curious about how it was that web pages were possible. At the time, there was very little information about how to create a basic web page. What’s more, the ability to style a page and make it look nice was rudimentary at worst or extremely complex at best. Today, the internet is chock full of information to get you started learning how to make a web page or how to code. After doing this for so many years and having spent some time thinking about my own journey from knowing nothing about the internet to where I am today, I was reminded that many people may be interested in answering some of the very basic questions I had all those years ago without getting to a level of professional proficiency.

No matter what you’d like to achieve on your path to learning more about how the web works, the most basic place to start is learning how a web page is made and then how the elements on a page are styled or made to look nice. The good news is that you need very little in order to get started and see immediate results. Perhaps seeing a simple example and explanation will satisfy your curiosity. However, if you are anything like me, you’ll want to keep going and going. The bad news is that to reach a level of competence where you could do any one part of building sites or applications for a living is a voyage that will take you at least half way down to the bottom of the abyss. You’ll know you’ve traveled a long way, but you will also recognize that you will likely never reach the bottom. Cheer up! As they say, getting there is half the fun. And, there are rewards along the way to keep you motivated.

So, without further ado, here are a couple resources to get you started learning the very basics of HTML and CSS and on your way to creating your first web page:

Codecademy: HTML & CSS

Codecademy requires nothing more than your browser to get started. In this interactive tutorial or “track” as they call it, you will learn the basics of HTML & CSS. By the end, you will be able to create and style a simple resume. Once you finish, move on to more advanced topics and keep learning. Codecademy can help you get started with more advanced topics such as Javascript, PHP, Python, Rails and more.

30 Days to Learn HTML & CSS

Follow along as Jeffrey Way gently introduces you to how to get started with HTML and CSS. On day 1, you’ll build your very first page. By day 30 you will be completing the beginnings of your first website with HTML, CSS and images.

teach yourself to code: HTML/CSS

A collection of tutorials that have been effective for other developers.

I think you will discover knowing some of these very fundamental concepts will give you a greater appreciation of how the internet works and you’ll find yourself wondering why everyone doesn’t build websites and make millions. I’ll go into that in much greater detail later, but suffice to say the answer can be boiled down to, “it’s hard.” Very hard.


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