Domain Listings on Flippa

FlippaI have a rather extensive portfolio of domain names which I have primarily parked at Sedo. However, I haven’t been actively marketing them for sale. Until now. I just listed a small batch of domains for sale on Flippa. If you aren’t familiar, Flippa is a marketplace for buying and selling domains, websites and mobile apps that was incubated at You can view my current listings here.

You have a couple options when listing your domains–auction or classified. Auction runs $9/per with free re-listing and escrow. Classified listings are free, but you’ll have to deal with the transaction. Flippa takes a 10% success fee. If you have a name worth $100k or more, they will work directly with you. I’m listing via classifieds for the moment, but will probably convert a couple to auction when I have a little more time to do proper write ups. I’ll be sure to provide an update regarding my overall experience assuming I’m successful in selling a few of these.

On a side note, “domaining” is not a viable part-time or passive income source. You will not get lucky buying names at auction or selling that cool name you registered in the last year or two. It’s a small market and the competition for any domain with even the slightest hint of value is fierce.

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