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MySQL 5.7 Errors Importing Dates 0000-00-00

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One of the gotchas for users upgrading to MySQL 5.7 from previous versions is that strict mode is on by default. Thus, if you have dates in a dump file formatted as zeroes (e.g. 0000-00-00), your import will fail because that format is not allowed in in strict mode....

MySQL on Low Memory VPS

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Quick tip for those of you spinning up small droplets on Digital Ocean or instances elsewhere. In MysQL 5.6.*, Performance Shema is on by default. In previous version of MySQL, the defualt was off. This matters because performance schema allocates all of the RAM it requires at start up....

Learn How to Make a Web Page

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I got my first computer in 1995 and by 1996 I was very curious about how it was that web pages were possible. At the time, there was very little information about how to create a basic web page. What’s more, the ability to style a page and make...